Simple Basic Rules of Image Uploads

Follow these simple rules to ensure alignment with the requirement of spins and compliance to policies. In order to create spins or 360 degree photography you need atleast 2 images and in order to make the whole spins efficient and fast a max of 500 images.

Usually photographers who are well versed with 360 photography would recommend 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, 120 images per product or model. Having less than 24 would lead to jerky not so smooth spins and would lead to poor customer experience.

Also, please note that you wouldn't want all your products to be 360 degree spin showcased as it will be a cost to your business. You may choose to do all the products in 360 spins if your product range is limited or you have high budget and all your products have good potential to sales or is demanded by customers.

Usually successfull online stores select a subset of the range of products for 360 degree showcases. The choice of the product depends on various factors as a business you would have a need for e.g. you would like to showcase details of a multi dimensional product that is very difficult to visualise online by your customer, or you wish to showcase high potential sales product and maximise your revenue from sales of such products.

Here's a quick checklist:
  • * Check if your images are named sequentially. i.e. sequence number separated by - from file name.
  • * Check if all the images have same file "product" name and the only change from image to image is the sequence numbers.
  • * Check if all the images in the product have the same file format i.e. all images in the product will need to be of the same format jpg or png or jpeg.
  • * Check if the size of each file is not over 500kb. The max individial image size allowed is 1mb per file.
  • * Check that your file names and sequence numbers are not 0 padded.
  • * If you are using Firefox browser to upload the images for the product and don't see a progress then we suggest switching the browser to Chrome or Safari.
  • * Make sure you are not uploading racially abusive, violent, porn or discrimination images as the AI algorithm which scans for fair use and safe use of the product will remove the images post upload costing you a product count out of your limit per plan. Yes, you can always delete the product in the dashboard and reset your limit count on good standing products.